Welcome To Sawyer Europe

For 30 years, Sawyer Products has been dedicated to offering more effective and reliable products for outdoor protection, and now Sawyer Europe bring this product range to the EU.

Using science and rigorous testing, we've developed the most advanced and easy to use solutions in water treatment, insect repellent, sunscreen and first aid.
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What Hikers And Campers Need To Know

Most hikers first head out on the trail with the borrowed, metal-frame backpack their dad used back in the 1980s and some old Timberland work boots strapped to their feet. But after grueling weeks and some mild scoliosis, a few...


Consumer Reports' Top Insect Repellent

Consumer Reports had to recommend for DEET alternative insect repellents which includes our Picaridin Insect Repellent at the top of their list! Sawyer Picaridin is not only effective against common disease carrying nuisances

Sawyer Squeeze Filtration

The Sawyer Squeeze filter is the fastest, easiest way to get clean water outdoors anywhere in the world.